18 Year Old Actors.


In many places, this is the year that you’re legally an adult, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Han So-eun as 18-year-old Da-jung (She is the drama counterpart of 17-year-old Scarlett O'Donnell (Allison Miller) in the original film.

Oct 18, 2022 · Together with other members of the group, they have released about four albums.

Lee is well known to be the youngest male.

class=" fc-falcon">Kim Sae-ron. . Here are the 24 most anticipated Korean male actors according to the industry experts: 1.

5 years, unless you have an exemption that has been cleared by the nation—and yes, that also includes our favorite male stars.

This is a list of South Korean male television, film, musical, theatre and voice actors who are active in South Korea. IMAGE Love Alarm/Netflix, True Beauty/TVN, 18 Again/JTBC. Oluwapelumi on May 24,.

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Age: 34.

Jinwoo Date of birth: September 13, 2004; Age: 18 years old; Age of Debut: 15 years old (18 September. Here are the most popular Korean actors of 2022, ranked by fans.

5 years, unless you have an exemption that has been cleared by the nation—and yes, that also includes our favorite male stars. Kim Woo-bin, 32.

Apr 4, 2023 · Lee Dong Wook, born in Seoul on November 6, 1981 is a South Korean actor, host, model and entertainer.
Koo Kyo-hwan.

Lee Jong-suk, who made his feature film debut in Sympathy, is a South Korean model and actor who has made a name for himself after having appeared in television shows such as School 2013.

Wang Seok Hyun (Born in 2003) Eight year old actor Wang Seok Hyun emerged as the rising star in the Korean film industry in 2008 for his eye-catching and irresistibly adorable performance in.

One of the most talented Korean actors, Song Kang-ho gained even more international fame after Bong Joon-ho's Parasite won the Best Picture Oscar. . Lee Jong Suk.

If you think about Korean men actors, he is one of the first male actors that jump to mind. And mind you, this isn't a romantic hero, not by a long shot. Lee hit stardom with the 2005 romantic comedy "My Girl," which became a hit during. She is a South Korean actresses and is the youngest actress in the list. In 2021, he starred in One Ordinary Day, the Korean remake of the acclaimed BBC series Criminal Justice. Javon Walton TV Actor.


. Park Bo Gum started his career at a very young age (9 years old) where he played various supporting acting roles.

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He then made his acting debut in 2011 with the mystery drama 'White Christmas.

Gaten John Matarazzo III (born September 8, 2002) is an American actor.


All male Korean citizens have to enlist in the army by the time they reach 28-years-old (Korean age), so let’s take a.