Lewyn is the bastard son of Doran Martell. .

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Paying a Debt by 12spriggan12. . Six years after the death of her husband, Daenerys Targaryen copes with loss and grief while holding her Kingdoms together.

Always fighting and moving in the shadows but will emerge into the light if the need arises.

. Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 39,597 -. As a.

But, his family has a greater goal than simply restoring Dorne. .

Read Gamer in Game of Thrones fanfiction written by the author Fanfiction_Fanatic on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is tv fanfic stories, covering R18,.

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5) “And the Giant Awoke”. Mature.

In King's Landing, the first son that Queen Cersei birthed had black hair just like his father. Novels.

5) “And the Giant Awoke”.
Main character is portrayed by Henry Cavill (So imagine he looks like the.

Part 2 of Game of Thrones Fanfiction.

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Fiery Skies and Calm Seas An OC Velaryon SI that is tied closely with the royal family around the time of Aegon the Unworthy. Cypress was a man that faithfully served House Stark as their hidden protector. OP protag is a serious business, there are handful of works of any fiction that do that well.

Novels. fanfiction. Game of Thrones/HBO. . My fic A Thousand Songs and One has one Targaryen male OC (Dany's son), one Baratheon male OC (Robert's trueborn son), one Lannister OC (Jaime's son Tyrion the Younger), a twincest OC (his name is Tommen but he's somewhat different from the original), and a Tully OC (Edmure's son), and another Baratheon OC (Stannis' son with. .

Infinitely harder with ASOIAF.

Serena Stark is the oldest girl in the Stark family. "This.

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A queen, remnants of lost beauty on her face, sat on it and bled.