Here are some wonderful Two Syllable Names/ 2 Syllable Girl names/ 2 Syllable Boy Names.


If you’re still deciding on a name for your baby girl, check out this list of beautiful 2-syllable girl names. 3 Letters.



. . </strong> My son has a very strong boy name.


It means ‘rich and prosperous’. Here you’ll find everything from classic names to more unique girl names on this list. A combination of the German word Anna and Lisa, Analisa, or Annalisa means God’s mercy.

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You’ll see names that are growing in popularity, as well as names that will guarantee that your baby girl doesn’t have to share her name with any of.

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Aditi: Most Indian girl names end with the letter A. Aboriginal.

7 Letters. Search through 14,888 unisex names to research that have 2 syllables.

Popularity: #567; Anna or Anne.
Discover the current top 4 Letters Girl Names and learn the meaning of these trendy Baby Names sort by Letter count.
So my daughter's name is Mila.


The number of vowel sounds we hear tells us the number of syllables in the word.

Holly: This sweet option is perfect for a winter baby. Posted 2/1/20 Sorry for any repeats: Lara, Cara, Cora, Tara, Lyra, Luna, Lucy, Ella, Tina, Nina, Juno, Tyra, Raya, Maia, Gaia, Kali, Posy, Lily, Fifi, Coco,. 3 Letters.

Discover the current top 5 Letters Girl Names and learn the meaning of these trendy Baby Names sort by Letter count. . Refine your search. JennaJ3. Build your baby name list with four-or-more-syllable girl names.


But these names aren’t only inspired by the great outdoors; plenty of pop culture legends, like Joplin. Popularity: Anna ranks #68, Ana ranks #245.


4 Letter Girl Name!! ** 2 Syllables.


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Three-syllable last name? A one- or two-syllable baby name might just do the trick.