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Home Pregnancy Tests are qualitative, answering Yes/+ (pregnant) or No/- (not pregnant).

9,000 to 210,000 U/L. .



Jul 19, 2022 · The first test for hCG is basically used as a baseline. . There is evidence hormone concentrations in pregnancy can differ according to the sex of the fetus as early as three weeks after fertilisation.

In women carrying a single child, hCG may reach over 200,000 mIU/ml.

You can find this number on the pregnancy test that you took at home. High levels of hCG. search.

217–8,245 mIU/mL. In 85% of normal pregnancies, hCG will double every 48 – 72 hours for the first 8 – 11 weeks of pregnancy, and the overall hCG level will peak in week 14.

Pregnant women, about 13 to 16 weeks after the LMP.


. At-home urine tests require higher levels of hCG to detect a pregnancy, typically at least 20 mIU/mL.

Actually HCG levels can indicate a boy or girl as early as 3 weeks after conception. .

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Correspondingly, a total of 431 infants was born.

(The most common way to calculate your pregnancy due date is from the first day of your last.

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. 41 IU/L, P < 0. 217–8,245 mIU/mL. . The most accurate way to. .


Low levels of hCG. hCG calculator is a tool for detecting whether or not you are pregnant and if the pregnancy is progressing normally.

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hCG) in the sample to the amount measured by the test.

Every 48 to 72 hours, throughout the first four weeks of a viable pregnancy, hCG levels typically double.