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There are emotions given by the listeners of Kpop music such as adoration, love, idolization and extreme feeling of fondness.

. This implies that K-pop music’s attraction to people is very high.

Adolescent romance, in the traditional Chinese culture, has long been stigmatized as a deviant behavior.

But in some cases, some students no longer care about their academic performance; they are completely obsessed with K-Pop.

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. The sound is new: Korean lyrics, Euro pop, African American hip-hop and rap. They dance in sync.

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The UAE is a country that has placed significant emphasis on developing its knowledge-based.

In this blog post, we will explore the effects of K-pop on.

The present review is the first to compile the existing literature on the impact of general smartphone use (and addiction) on performance in tertiary education. 1.

Jan 15, 2019 · In the age of YouTube and Spotify, K-pop (Korean pop music) has become a global phenomenon that plays a remarkable role in the country’s growing economy. We believe that a synthesis of this literature is valuable to both.

It includes the strands in EAC-SHS who have the greatest number of students who are interested to either K-pop, K-drama or both.

With its innovative and diverse content, TikTok provides students with the opportunity to explore different subjects and gain knowledge about topics they wouldn’t normally consider studying.

To address this, our study investigates the factors that are key to the industry’s success—K-pop. Jan 1, 2020 · To the best of our knowledge, 23 studies confront the theoretical expectations with the empirical reality. 2017) reported a study that investigated the impact of various performance emotions resulting from the feedback of their academic outcomes on learners’ future academic.

. Besides having catchy tunes, K-pop music videos are known for their visual. Thinking Skills d. benefits associated with study of the arts and student achievement: a. . .

May 12, 2022 · including asking about the positive and negative impacts of K-Pop culture on school children.

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The adolescents’ dating behaviors can have a detrimental effect on academic achievement, emotional stability, and health due to early sexual.


Mar 9, 2023 · The results showed that effort has a positive impact on academic performance, though to a lesser degree than family SES.

Results and Discussion.

This implies that K-pop music’s attraction to people is very high.