It only works again if another restart takes place.

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So you can pretty much mimic what the pre-made Sleep mode does through the custom action(s) you can apply in the widget.


Any ideas more than welcomed. . MiataCory 4 mo.

I've tried clearing cache and storage space, even uninstalled and reinstalled all the updates that came with modes and routines and yet it still doesn't want to work.

Modes and routines has been a great addition since I first updated to OneUI 5; however, a few days after doing so Modes and Routines suddenly stopped working properly. 1 modes and routines issue. Modes and Routines trigger and action options.

Galaxy S. They're just manual routines (without your own "if" rules) that's why you can't re-use their names as to not cause confusion which is which.

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Galaxy S.

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Discussion. All subfolders have email in them.

I've tried rebooting the phone, clearing the app data of "Modes and routines" and start again, re-creating the routine, checking permissions, etc.

I started using Modes and Routines and I'm very happy with it. (See phone) 0 Likes. It took me quite a while to have my routines set up and working perfectly and it seems.

0 I had a Bixby routine set up that when I left my work an 'Away from work' routine started that restricted my work apps. I have to manually go to the mode settings and enable it, which kind of gets rid of the point. 0 Ever since I have updated, Sleep mode doesn't activate on its own (auto) and it's frustrating because I forget to switch on. . . I cleared cache as suggested.

Oct 17, 2022 · The Modes and Routines menu is a new addition to Galaxy Settings, which replaces the Bixby Routines option in the Advanced feature section.

Discussion. Then, power on the phone and when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold down the Volume down key.

Internally, I think this is also how the pre-made modes work.

For me, routines will stop working after my Galaxy S21 Ultra auto-restarts (I have it set to do so once a week).

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After even deleting the sleep mode, it still did not work.

Modes and Routines trigger and action options.