Steering Systems Chapter 44.

Differential pinions or planet gears.


class=" fc-falcon">Steering Gearbox) changes turning motion.


. 1K views. In a modern power steering system,the pump is used to supplypower steering fluidunder pressure to the rack and pinion unit.

Steering Gears • 2 types of steering gears • steering box • rack & pinion.

Steering gears - worm and wheel steering gear. FAIL-SAFE MEASURES Hydraulic failure O Electrical failure O Positioning of the wheels O. 5.

STEERING SYSTEM STEERING SYSTEMSteering is the term applied to a collection of components, linkages, etc. Pressure is created by the pump and transmitted to the steering gear or in a few cases a separate power piston Pressure is used to help the driver.

Functions of a steering system.

An automobile is steered with the help of steering.

In other power steering systems, electric motors provide the assistance instead of hydraulic systems. .

Cam and double lever steering gear. Shubham gupta • 39.

Power Steering.

Steering linkage connects the steering.


This means that power-steering system failure still permits the vehicle to be steered using manual effort alone. system-It is the latest type of power steering system in which the hydraulic system from the hydraulic power steering is completely replaced with electric motors and electric sensors, instead of using hydraulic force ,the motor driven. 6).

The hydraulic pressure typically comes from a. General layout of steering system. . Steering. • The different types of steering gears are as follows: • Worm and sector steering gear.


professional manner. 12.

The hydraulic power piston and directional control valve are mounted inside the gearbox housing.

Basically, there are two types of commonly used steering gear systems present: Hydraulic; Electro-hydraulic type; Though the system has undergone some major evolution, the basic physics of operation.

These type of steering systems are rarely fixed whereas the front wheel is steered.

General layout of steering system.